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Skeleton Hand Mirrors
NEW Hammered Polished Aluminum Skeleton Hands.

Each skeleton hand is hand made out of aluminum with great detail & are one of a kind. Measures 14"1/2 long x 4" wide .
Comes with one 7" hose clamp that will close from 1" & opens to 7" to fit most
pipes & parts.

Just some of the many uses are:
  • Exhaust tips for motorcycles
    cars & trucks
  • Hot rod radiator support rail covers
  • Can be put on dash as a display
  • Can clamp onto windshield wipers
    for hot rods for display only.
  • Can be used for a heat shield for
    exhaust pipes
  • Can be hung on a wall in your cave
Skeleton Hand
Skeleton Hand

Hammered Polished
Part#: SK-POL --- $99.00 ea.

Skeleton Hand
Part #: Sk-UN --- $84.00 ea.
Skelton Hand
Black Matte Powder Coat
Part #: SK-BLACK --- $110.00 ea.

Sale Price If You Buy Two Hammered Polished
Part#: SK-POL-2 --- $190.00 pr.

Sale Price If You Buy Two Unpolished
Part #: Sk-UN-2 --- $160.00 pr.

Sale Price If You Buy Two Black Matte Powder Coat
Part #: SK-BLACK-2 --- $210.00 pr/.

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