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El Camino with Scoop
El Camino with Scoop
NEW Skull Hood Ornament
  • Skull hood ornament is hand polished, or unpolished, and is made out of aluminum.
  • The inside is hollow.
  • Hi in detail.
  • Not some plastic junk toy.
  • Looks bad ass.
  • Can be bolted to the hood or other things.
  • Lights can be put in the eyes but not supplied.
  • Its 4'' wide x 7'' long x 5'' tall.
Skull Hood Ornament

High Polished.
Part #: SK-HOOD
$130.00 ea.



Polished Hood Ornaments, With LED Eyes.
Available in Red or Amber
$150.00 ea.

Please Pick Eye Color: Qty:

Replacement LED Eyes.
Available in Red or Amber
Part #: SK-LED
$20.00 pr.

Please Pick Eye Color: Qty:

$99.00 ea.


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